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My clients, exclusive projects, and demos, using many different platforms, programming languages, and frameworks

Please feel free to browse through my portfolio where it exhibits my work from clients, that I have built from scratch or maintained and updated, and demos that are produced from different frameworks such as: Wordpress, Drupal, ect. to 100% custom built sites. No two clients are alike, and no two sites are presented with the same look, feel, or functionality. Everyone is unique, and the sites that I create are great examples of their vision and their ability to grow as a company. As a custom software developer, the sky is the limit for the possibilities to produce the best website, framework, or programs that they want, meeting and exceeding their expectations, while providing the service and quality that they need. Listed below are just a few of the innovative programming that my clients have in their sites.


  • Custom Websites: To ensure that the user is receiving exactly what they need in order their business to be as successful as possible. Building their sites that are 100% catered to who they are, what they represent, and how they provide service to their users.

  • Content Management Systems: CMS, which allows the admin to update their websites with the latest content.

  • Blogs and Commenting: Allowing users to login and/or comment safely to blogs, specific pages, and/or events.

  • Branding and Marketing: Ability to make themselves stand out from the rest, and to build their brand to be loyal, honest, and ever lasting.

  • Social Media: To allow users to share, post, and cross pollinate their sites content to the social media accounts that they desire.

  • Videos: To allow users to upload videos and to create your own theater type look and feel, great for video production.

  • Galleries: To use to show their skills as a personal or professional entity with imagery uploads that shows their work professionally. Great for portfolios, promoting brands, logos, and graphics.

  • Search Engine Optimization: To allow the user the ability to promote their pages and content to be competitive in the search rankings.

  • Analytics: Giving the users control and a sight behind the scenes to show how they can improve their virtual presence.

  • SSL certs: This is vital for all modern sites, converting the "http" to "https".  What this does is secure their url, and allows better ranking in the search engines, and makes programs updates and upgrades to be a much smoother process.

    Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Jason is a custom website developer and graphic designer with extensive experience in computer software scripting, computer animation, and customer service. His current focus on creating websites and creating e-commerce stores is preceded by 10 + years in software development, and eight years in the U.S. Navy.

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