Draconmedia Studios, The New Ambition


The new ambition to exhibit blogs and featured posts on the latest activity from Draconmedia, such as: Development, Graphics, Gaming, Video Production and series, Mechanical Engineering, and much more.

I have a passion for creating and developing, and this section of the website will host the things that I want to share with the world.  Built as an elaborate "one pager" website, in a production style environment background.  This section, along with the rest of the website, is 100% custom and is controlled using a back-end admin area that is also 100% custom. The true purpose of the Draconmedia Studios section is to have a spot on the website, that is like a Video Production environment, that I can upload many different projects and keep them organized for my viewers.  I provide resources, such as: code, tips, tricks, guides, and entertainment, for all to come and enjoy, learn, follow, contribute, and to be a part of.     Below describes the features of Draconmedia Studios.


  • Featured items: These are categorized projects that are updated with a new part of the project is uploaded, such as: Development, Design, Gaming, ect. There is a featured posts block that contains the latest items, and a featured project page showing all of the features that I have, and all of the features listed within that category. This is great for archiving production pieces, such as: graphics, events, video, audio, and anything that could a like a robust portfolio.

  • Featured Videos: Like a mini theater, with a darker background, a video slide to the side, exhibits the latest featured videos. I have a few series that are currently being produced, such as: Arcade build, 3D printer Build, "How to" videos, and Retro Gaming (Break Downs) and reviews. This will show how I grow as a video producer, as well as, capture an audience with similar interests while creating new things, repairing and rebuilding, and reminiscing.

  • Gallery: This is an "Editors choice" section where different images from different projects can be observe and categorized here for better organization.

  • Project Progress: This shows the progression of different production projects that are currently being developed.

  • Exclusive Projects: Shows all of the different programs that were created exclusively for clients, and demos.

  • News Letter: You can sign up and receive a notification as to when an update has been added to Draconmedia Studios.

  • Pop Up Modals: Both, the Gallery and the Featured Items, keep you on the page and pops up a box that displays the image content with more detail.

  • Contact me: A secure contact form that is conveniently added to the section to reach out for questions, comments, or inquiries .

  • Carousel: Which features snap shots of current projects, or those that will come, and captions about parts of the section.

  • Social Media: The icons are placed within the page to add on to the fact that all of the types of media are connected, you can like, share, and post, and leave your feedback or have a conversation.

Jason is a custom website developer and graphic designer with extensive experience in computer software scripting, computer animation, and customer service. His current focus on creating websites and creating e-commerce stores is preceded by 10 + years in software development, and eight years in the U.S. Navy.

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