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As brought up in the HTML demos post, I mentioned how CSS is used to style your web page, such as: Choosing colors, designing the structure, ect..  But, in fact, there is a lot more that you can accomplish. Things like, simple to more advanced animations, framing the overall structure of the webpage, create templates to replicate style throughout your web site. Control imagery, video, txt, almost anything you can think of.  CSS 3 is a very powerful programming language by itself.  So much so that it can create simple programs that took more than 2 to 3 other languages to accomplish.  Like: carousels, sliders, button toggles, show and hide, animated fades and slides, ect.  Through the CSS demos, I will be going through just some of my favorites, and showing you the basics to do it on your own! Below are a few that I will do for starters!

CSS Demos: Coming Soon!!!

  • Basic CSS: control simple elements on a simple web page. This will probably evolve in its own section, along with the other languages.

  • Hover Animations and Transitions: Methods which to control how things react when you hover over elements, like: text, and/or imagery.

  • Word Wrapping: This is a huge topic. To hide text, like: A long title or description they makes the content look too messy and unprofessional.

  • Media Queries: This is used to make your site more responsive.

These are just a few to get this ball rollin'!!

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